To help qualified students to fulfill their educational goals, Heliopolis University offers financial aid to students who are unable to meet the university’s expenses. Decisions are made on case by case basis. Applicants have to submit supporting documents to prove the case.

Terms and Conditions for scholarships and financial aid:

  • Financial aid is offered to help those who actually need it.
  • Students who have a financial difficulties may receive financial aid.
  • The decision is based on many parameters related to the budget available every year.
  • Results of the financial aid committee decision are sent by e-mail to students or a message.

The students who get the financial aid have a several of conditions:

  • The student should get a CGPA 2.00 and the student who will get below 2.00 the financial aid will be cancelled.
  • The information mentioned in the financial aid application must be correct.
  • Parents should get documents represent the financial situation of the family and in case any change in the income the university should be notice by this change.
  • The University has the right to investigate whether the documents are right or not.
  • The university has the authority to refuse the financial aid without stats any reason.
  • If there any hidden information the university will take the suitable action.

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