ProfYousriHashemProf. Dr. Mohamed Yousri Hashem

Professor of Pesticide Chemistry, Dept. of Economic Entomology and Pesticide, Cairo University, studied his Ph.D. at Giessen University, Germany, thesis entitled “Comparative investigations on the effect of Phosphine (PH3) and controlled atmosphere (N2 and CO2) on Prostephanus truncatus Horn and Rhizopertha dominica Fab.  (Coleoptera: Bostrichidae)”. The research area of Prof. Hashem is the mode of action of inert gases, fumigants and organophosphorus compounds including their toxicological effects. His previous jobs includes the following:

  • Former Dean, Faculty of Agriculture, Cairo University
  • Former vice Dean for Education and Students Affairs, Faculty of  Agriculture, Cairo University
  • Former vice Dean for Graduate Studies & Research Affairs, Faculty of Agriculture, Cairo University
  • Former vice president of the International Federation for Organic Agriculture Movement (IFOAM-ABM)
  • General manager, Center of Organic Agriculture in Egypt (COAE)
  • Lead auditor for different International organizations (Soil Association, England; Fair Trade International, Germany; IFOAM; Bio-Suisse; …