Heliopolis University is actively involved in research projects with prominent international universities in the fields of renewable energy, water, mechatronics, biotechnology, pharmacy and medicine for several years through Heliopolis Academy.

Among others, Heliopolis University implements  International Partnerships with the following entities:

Alanus University (Bonn, Germany) in the fields of Economics and Arts.
Cairo University (Egypt).
Bochum University (Germany) in the field of Mechatronics.
Marburg University (Germany) in the field of Phytopharmacy.
RWTH Aachen (Germany)
TU Delft (Netherlands) in the field of Innovation.
TU Graz (Austria) in the field of Education for Sustainable Development.
University of Hohenheim (Germany)
University of Osnabrück (Germany)

Heliopolis University is also a signatory of the Magna Charta Universitatum of Bologna (Italy) and partner of the Regional Centre of Expertise for Education on Sustainable Development in Cairo, acknowledged by the United Nations University in Tokyo.

Strategic Alliance

To integrate and ensure practical experience within the students’ academic work at Heliopolis University, the following has been established:

  • Corporate Partners’ Network, working in the field of sustainable development.
  • Strategic alliances with industry partners to benefit the Internship Program.
  • Membership of the “University Chair on Innovation” network that links enterprises and universities to solve industrial problems through applied research.